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Best skin at every age, Ensured.

Know exactly what to do & when to do it with your preventative blueprint to your best skin (ever). Your skin is thoroughly evaluated and a clear action plan is created. Medical and cosmetic therapies are integrated, and any needed lifestyle changes are addressed. 

Wrinkles, relaxed. 

Botulinum Toxin is expertly administered to prevent the persistence of lines of movement at rest. Beautiful, natural results are tailored to you.  Introductory prices start at $495 and depend on area(s) treated. For clarity, the average cost for mid brow plus forehead is $695.

Complexion, restored.

Bumps. rashes, flushing, discoloration…this is your final stop for clear skin.

Your face is thoroughly evaluated and a clear action plan is created, with prescription products if needed. Your follow-up schedule is determined to allow for necessary adjustments to your regimen for long term maintenance. With the support of Dr. Akhavan and Joyful, you make great choices for your skin every day.


Teenage skincare, mastered. 

We work with teens to empower them to take care of their own skin, and to set up a lifetime of great skincare habits.

Hair & scalp, nourished. 

Your hair and scalp are thoroughly evaluated and a customized plan is created for you. Best for those with hair loss or scalp discomfort.

Lasers & Devices 

By appointment only. Please book one of our introductory visits to gain access!


I have been taking all the topical medications, and already my skin feels sooooo much better!


Let’s get started

Yay to great decisions!